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is a wonderful and unique scheme created to help children with their reading and writing skills. The scheme encourages children to be creative in their writing, to develop a more consistent reading pattern and to ignite that wonderful love of reading for pleasure. 

The scheme runs in various schools in the north east of England and is currently completely booked up.

The School Scheme

Children from primary schools in the north east of England are provided with free books to read and then review. The books are read in class as part of guided reading and all reading abilities are catered for. The children are given eight to ten weeks to read and review their books and then all the reviews are collected and judged. (The top five reviews from each class go to the author to be judged.)
The winner, picked by the author, will receive a signed copy of the sequel to the book they reviewed, a signed copy of one of our recommended books and a certificate. 
Second place will receive a signed copy of one of our recommended books and a certificate, and third place will also receive a signed copy of one of our recommended books and a certificate. 
A special award goes out to the KS1 classes and this is called the Illustration Award. There will be one winner from each class and this will be awarded to the pupil who draws the best illustration. The winner receives a signed, original print from one of our supporting illustrators. Highly unique and very exceptional.
This is the only scheme in the UK that offers children the opportunity to have authors read and comment on their own work.

For more information on the School Scheme please visit 'The Scheme' page.

What else do we do?

If you click on our recommended books pages in the left hand column you will find books which may appeal to children within the 5–11 year age range. There will be a review or synopsis of the book and also a brief description as to which readers, and of what age, would find that particular book interesting. 

If you are looking for a particular book in a certain genre or for a certain age, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll do my best to recommend an appropriate book choice. 

Allowing the children to meet and greet authors is also high on the agenda. We work closely with schools, authors and illustrators to arrange and organise these visits as often as possible. 

Everyone happy with that? 

Excellent let's get reading, writing and reviewing!

Steph Roundsmith
Scheme Manager

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